Why does my hair smell like vitamin B?

August 1, 2010 4 Comments

Shiny, lustrous hair has long been one of the hallmarks of health for both men and women.  A full head of strong, thick hair is visual proof of the body’s state of physical fitness, a song of the scalp. Why - Justin Bieber’s hair is integral to his success as a tween pop star. Life is not always easy, however, and sometimes stress can make our hair look less than its best.  Stringy, thinning, and hair loss can also be caused by nutritional deficiencies, which sometimes can be remedied by the introduction of a few simple vitamins to the diet. Often more effective when eaten, numerous options exist to help your hair “B” beautiful!

  Many vitamins and supplements can assist with healthy hair maintenance, but the shining star of hair help lies within the vibrant blue family of the glorious B vitamins.  The mighty B vitamins, chock full of nutritional goodness, are also excellent promoters of both hair growth and hair strength. The most important B vitamins for hair maintenance are B3, B5, B6, and B12.  A slice of whole grain toast is delicious and crunchy, but it’s also super nutritious for your hair with its payload of B3.  Topping it with peanut butter, sweet potatoes, lentils, or lima beans (all of which contain vitamin B3) ups the nutritional ante.  If your mother ever told you to eat your liver, she must have known about the heavy punch of B5 it packs.  She probably also told you to eat your broccoli, cauliflower, and collards for the same reason!  VitaminAlmanac.com has many articles about just such things.Yellowfin tuna has the most B6, with bananas a close second.  Bananas are beneficial, both eaten and smeared – smeared on your hair and scalp, that is. Clams, caviar, crab – these foods may begin with “C” but they are all full of “B” – vitamin B12.   

 B vitamins are plentiful in the foods that surround you and your hair every day.  From the calf’s liver in your butcher’s case to the tomato juice in your local convenience store to the celery in your refrigerator, it’s easy to find B vitamin-rich foods to add to your diet. Pump up your hair health by eating more B vitamins, and help your hair be the best that it can “B”! 


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